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Perfect hospitality under the patronage of Erzherzog Rainer

Österreichisches Staatswappen
For special performances the Hotel is allowed to bear the "Staatswappen" of Austria (national coat of arms).

The Viennese hotel's name alone shows its great past and the past of an imperial Austria. This is probably the most “Viennese” of all the Schick Hotels and focuses a lot on tradition. It was Leopold Nedomansky, once a picture frame purveyor to the royal household, who built the hotel. Right from the start it was clear that an aristocratic name would be part of this traditionally Viennese hotel's image. 

Vienna - a city with a great past ...

… but also a city with a great present. Wherever you go in Vienna, you will meet signs of Vienna's imperial golden age everywhere in the city. Magnificent buildings in Vienna's city centre bear witness to its great past. Apart from this, a vibrant, young city has also evolved here; it's fascinating to see how the past and the present get along. 

Die Mitarbeiter im Hotel Erzherzog Rainer
It´s all about your well-being! f.l.t.r. Sandra Schmaus, Restaurant; Helmut Lederer, Maintanance; Philipp Zauner, Chef; Natasa Petrovic, Housekeeping; Anica Remetic, Front Office Manager; Riccardo Permesser, Resident Manager

Hosts of the old school

At the hotel on Wiedner Hauptstraße traditional hospitality is held in high esteem. The famous “extra mile” for every visitor is extremely important to our team. Our guests very often become regular guests and are known by name and their special wishes. Our staff takes these wishes very seriously and strives to fulfil them. 

The greatest wish of our guests always has been an air-conditioning. This project was finished at the begin of 2019. From now on not only the public rooms but the bedrooms as well will have air-conditioning.


A jogging tour in the palace gardens

A walk in the Belvedere Palace gardens is revelation in all seasons. The entrance is free and if you come early enough you will meet the Viennese runners in the morning. Fancy a bit of sportive activity yourself? Why not join them? 

Meet the proverbial Viennese charm

At Hotel Erzherzog Rainer you can go back in time if you so wish. Viennese people used to be known for their charming manners and here at the hotel you might be greeted with the following: “Küss die Hand” (I kiss your hand), “Gnädige Frau” (my gracious lady) or hear the expression “gschamster Diener” (your obedient server).

Hotel Erzherzog Rainer wants to introduce you to the lifestyle of this era in Vienna's history as well as possible.  With staff of the “old school”, tasteful ambience and historic references throughout the hotel.

Consciousness of tradition all the way to the kitchen

The Wiener Wirtschaft restaurant also refers to the delicious and sumptuous tradition of the Viennese cuisine, that emerged from the international melting pot of the former empire.  Taste the perfect goulash, the classic Viennese Schnitzel and the delicious desserts that are quite literally a guilty pleasure worth enjoying.

Walk on the traces of the imperial and royal Vienna during a stay at Hotel Erzherzog Rainer and book your room conveniently online

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